I am an urban homesteader

I don’t do it all, but I do what I can.  Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail and try again.  It’s the most satisfying hard work there is, in my opinion.  My favorite things in life I’ve discovered in this process … line-dried pillowcases, sun warmed tomatoes, the first tiny snap peas that appear and turn you into a dancing goofball in the yard. Sending friends and family home with bountiful nourishing food that you grew.

When I meet people who grow food, at whatever volume or ability, we bond.  We know.  Online or in person, there is this community.

Recent events regarding the trademark issue has harmed some and merely irritated others, but the community is proven strong and united. I don’t know everone in person who is participating today, but I’m WITH you.  And in the end it will be made right.  Like tiny early peas that are really too small but you have to pick and eat them right there anyway because your heart is happy.

Cheers to all urban homesteaders!

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